I’m not fine.

Most days I wake my butt up bright and early (5:20am to be exact) to exercise before work. Getting a good sweat in at pilates and kickboxing at the crack of dawn makes me feel more accomplished, motivated, and alert for the rest of the day. And let’s face it…I like to workout before my…

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Reality of Social Media

Social Media is incredible, but horribly deceiving at the same time. That’s one of the many reasons I started this blog because I think it’s about time we start getting real, and talk about how superficial social media is. It’s so common to spend hours surfing through Instagram stalking the lives of people we don’t…

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Mother’s Day

In my opinion, a strong women is a role model, a mentor, and a leader. She’s confident in her own skin and she’s willing to step outside of her comfort zone to go after what she wants. She’s independent, yet she’s not afraid to ask for help. She is constantly empowering her loved ones, and…

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My Story

It’s taken me so long to start my blog because I kept waiting for the right timing… until I felt like I was ready to be open and honest with myself as well as other people. Here’s a spark note version of my story… I became a “public figure” 3 years ago after my dramatic…

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