Pretty in Pink Makeup Look

Hi beautiful babes!

I was overwhelmed by all the love I received from my hyper-speed makeup video on Insta. I got so many messages asking for a break down of the look on my blog, so your wish is my command.

First I always start with a primer, so that your makeup stays on all damn day. This Benefit Cosmetics Primer has been my go-to for years- it works wonders ladies.

Now for my infamous foundation combination. I’ve used the exact same foundation routine for 2 years, through every season this combo always works better for my skin than any other foundation brand I’ve used. I’ll put Revlon Color Stay foundation on my fingers, with a small pump of It Cosmetics CC Cream– rub those two beauties together and dab it all over your face & neck.  Take a damp beauty blender and blend the product into your skin.

Once the product looks even all over my face, I apply Tarte Concealer under my eyes & over any beauty marks I may have. I blend it out with my beloved beauty blender, then dip my blender in some Laura Mercier  Translucent Powder under my eyes- this will help catch any eye shadow residue that falls from your eye lid as well as help you avoid any creasing under your eye.

Next up is eyebrows, in my opinion, the most important step cause there is nothing better than a fleek eyebrow. I outline my brow with my dual sided It Cosmetics eyebrow pencil. Brush out the product, then apply Benefit EyeBrow Gel to lock it all into place. I have these eyebrow gels everywhere, I reapply them all throughout the day.

Since this is a “Pretty In Pink” look, I have to brag about my absolute favorite eyeshadow palette of all time. I bought this Urban Decay Naked Cherry Palette in December and haven’t used anything else since. I’ve experimented with every shade, and am amazed by how many unique looks you can create- well worth the price in my opinion. For this look I used a combination of “feels & bing” all over my eye, then applied “devilish & drunk dial” to the outside of my lid. I then take a wide brush and with “caution” I do the wind shield wiper motion back and fourth to blend the products all together. I finished with “ambitious & bang bang” on the entire lid. One my top lid looks how I want it to, I wipe away that Laura Mercier Powder. I then take a small brush and apply “ambitious” to my water line instead of using eye liner. Finally I finish off with a few coats of L’Oreal Voluminous Mascara– using primer before you coat helps protect your lashes, highly recommend.

For my cheeks I apply a few lines of NYX Wonder Stick under my cheek bones to contour my face. Blend it out, and apply upwards towards your forehead and on your jawline. Then make your cheeks nice and rosy  with some Benefit Blush. Highlight is my favorite step, and this Makeup For Ever Highlight is hands down the BEST. I’ve had mine for 3 years…you read that right 3 YEARS!! I use it everyday & I still have plenty left, this is my fav product of all time. I then put some highlight under my brows and in the corner of my eyes to add some extra shine to my face.

Last but not least is a pink juicy lip. I love the Tarte Cosmetics Lip Paint, I have multiple colors, and am always amazed at how long they last.Then I put one coat of YSL Couture Lip Stick on top, and finish it with Kopari Lip Gloss for a gorgeous and juicy finish.

There ya have it babes, all the products you need to create the perfect pink makeup look. What type of look do you want to see next?



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