I’m not fine.

Most days I wake my butt up bright and early (5:20am to be exact) to exercise before work. Getting a good sweat in at pilates and kickboxing at the crack of dawn makes me feel more accomplished, motivated, and alert for the rest of the day. And let’s face it…I like to workout before my brain has time to wake up and register what I’m doing.

But like many working professionals I’m sitting most of the day; so by the time 5pm rolls around my body is begging me to move around. It’s a sauna in AZ this summer (average of 110 degrees) so I typically choose to do my cardio indoors in an air-conditioned gym. I’ve gotten into a routine where I listen to Ted Talks when I’m on the stair master or treadmill, kinda weird, BUT it takes my focus off the cardio and keeps my mind busy. Try it, time flies by I swear.

I recently listened to a talk from a few years ago by Mel Robbins: “How to stop screwing yourself over.” Aggressive title I know, but trust me she rocks. She’s blunt, sarcastic, funny, and brutally honest about the fact that the vast majority of us somehow “screw ourselves over.”

How?¬†Simply by not pushing ourselves. We somehow convince ourselves that we are “fine.”

Everyone has a goal big or small; whether it’s to graduate college, start a business, lose weight, receive a promotion, get signed by an agency, or maybe travel across the world. Although we have our own fantasy goals, we commonly convince ourselves that we are fine without achieving them. We get so stuck in our routines, and so stuck in our own damn heads that we kill our dreams before even chasing them.

I don’t know about you, but I refuse to live a life where I’m just fine. I want to be fricken phenomenal. I want to live a passionate, exciting, optimistic, healthy, determined lifestyle. I want to be happy. When someone is happy, I mean genuinely happy, it shows. Happiness shows through your attitude, actions, and words; I don’t think fine is even in your vocabulary any longer.

It’s tough to stay driven and stay inspired if you’re stuck in a daily routine. The next 7 days I challenge you to switch up your mindset. Create a vision board, start making tiny changes to move inches closer to your goal, step outside your comfort zone, do SOMETHING to get you motivated.

Here’s a first step: watch this video, I hope it motivates you like it motivated me.




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  1. WOW. You are so inspiring to me! I’m sitting here thinking “Ok, what can I start doing today???” XOXO

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