My Tula Skin Care Routine

Nothing makes me feel more confident then when I have clear, glowing skin. Truth be told, I struggled with my skin throughout most of my teenage years. My mom started me on a full Clinique regimen when I was in middle school, and since then I’ve experimented with countless products to manage any redness or breakouts. In my early 20’s I realized most of my skin issues were directly correlated with my gut issues (I swear your gut affects EVERYTHING in your body) so the worse my stomach symptoms were the worse my face would break out. I attempted to only use natural products on my skin and was constantly experimenting with natural oils, yet my pores always seemed to be clogged. My skin was still dry and I was always self conscious to leave the house without makeup on.

In 2017 I experienced my first NYC winter, and my skin absolutely hated it. I was so dry my eyelids literally started peeling (who knew that could happen?!) so I began searching everywhere for a moisturizer that could help. I stumbled upon an instagram ad for a brand called Tula. I was instantly intrigued when I read their products contained probiotics because I had never seen anything like it. I figured since I take probiotics regularly for my stomach, applying it topically was worth a shot. I ordered their Hydrating Day and Night Cream and never looked back. My skin soaked it up like a sponge, and I noticed that I was no longer flaking throughout the day or night.

Soon after, I ordered the discovery kit so I could try a bunch of products first before switching my whole skin care routine. There was an adjustment period of about a week (like there is anytime you switch) but suddenly my skin transformed. I started getting compliments almost daily about how my face was “glowing” and “dewy” so much so that I started feeling comfortable not wearing makeup. I took the skin quiz on their site and bought literally everything they recommended and fell even more in love. I’ve used Tula consistently for over a year, and don’t plan on switching anytime soon. I am obsessed with the results and honestly want to shout from the rooftops how incredible this brand is. NO THIS IS NOT A PAID PROMOTION. This is me LOVING a brand, and wanting others to see results like I have because it’s been so empowering and boosted my confidence.

Soooo have I convinced you yet? GOOD. Now let’s jump into the details.

My Morning Routine: Right when I wake up I rinse my face with ice cold water then apply a light layer of this Gel Cream before I head off to the gym. When I get back from working out I shower and wash my face with the Purifying Cleanser. In the winter, I use a nickel size amount of Weleda Skin Food and dab it all over my face. Like I mentioned, I have super dry skin so this Skin Food gives me plenty of moisture to last all day. In the summer, when I don’t need as much moisture I use my Hydrating Day and Night Cream. Next, I take my beloved Jade Roller out of the freezer (feels heavenly) and blend the product into my skin. Lastly I put Brightening Eye Balm under my eyes, and let my skin soak in all the goodness before applying makeup.

Nightly Routine: First, I use a Neutrogena Face Wipe to get as much makeup off as possible- I’ve used these for years because they are perfect for sensitive skin. Next, I wash my face with Purifying Cleanser before putting a squirt of the Resurfacing Gel Face Toner on a cotton ball to nourish my skin while taking off any remaining makeup or bacteria that’s on my skin. Next I put a layer of Face Serum all over my face and neck, then apply Revitalizing Eye Cream under and above my eyes. Last but not least, I put on a layer of Hydrating Day & Night Cream. I don’t completely rub the product in because I want my skin to soak it up throughout the night. Trust me, doing this routine, will have you wake up feeling hydrated AF.

Once a week I use the Exfoliating Mask to take off any dead or dry skin and if I’m traveling or feeling like my skin is extra dry I will use the Kefir Probiotic Mask to brighten up my skin instantly.

I know that high quality skincare is an investment, but for me- it’s well worth it. I choose to spend my money on skincare that I use daily, instead of expensive facials or endless hydrating masks from Sephora. For me, it’s paid off tremendously, and I hope that you’re able to give Tula a try!

Additional Skin Tips:

NEVER EVER NEVER sleep in your makeup

Drink tons of water, it makes a difference I swear

Try not to wear makeup to the gym & let your skin breathe as often as possible.

Focus on your gut health, it affects everything. I recommend eating a balanced and nutritious diet. If your skin is really flaring up, I recommend experimenting cutting out certain food groups from your diet. For me, removing Gluten helped my overall complexion, as well as not eating quite so many sweets.

Moisturize, moisturize, moisterize. It helps you look younger in the long run, plus dewy skin is in.

As always, if you have ANY questions- PLEASE send me a message, I’m happy to talk through this with you!

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