Reality of Social Media

Social Media is incredible, but horribly deceiving at the same time.

That’s one of the many reasons I started this blog because I think it’s about time we start getting real, and talk about how superficial social media is.

It’s so common to spend hours surfing through Instagram stalking the lives of people we don’t even know. I’ll admit,  I follow so many Australian models who of course I’ve never met, but pretend to know…Side note, I swear Australia produces the most gorgeous people… that’s besides the point. We all creep.

We all look at the “lives” of other people and compare ourselves. Compare our bodies, our jobs, our diets, our clothes, our families, our boyfriends, our cars, our fricken pets, literally everything.

Famous “Instagram models” are everywhere these days, the ones who just travel all the time, live in their bikinis with their perfect bodies, and just take selfies for a living. Well news flash people…that’s not reality.

No one ever puts their struggles, insecurities, or bad days on social media. We all want life to look as perfect as possible, and there’s nothing wrong with that. Social media should be used as a form of entertainment, and a place where we can all “showcase” our lives.

The problem occurs when you start to become unhappy with your own life because you’re caught up comparing yourself to someone else. Take every social media photo with a grain of salt, and just remind yourself that everyone is human.

No one, I mean NO ONE is perfect, but honestly, that’s what makes us all unique and beautiful.





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