My Self Tanning Routine

This post is LONG overdue because you ladies have been asking me about my spray tan secrets for well over a year now. I’ve told you all about my fav tanning brand, NKD SKN, but you guys are wanting the inside scoop & it’s time I deliver. I’ve tweaked my routine so many times but I’ve FINALLY nailed it and fallen in love with products to help me achieve the perfect shade of bronze for my skin tone *hallelujah*

I feel like before I dive in it’s important for you to know that NOTHING in this post is sponsored. I am a brand ambassador for NKD SKN because I’ve basically been a walking billboard for them the past 2 years because of how much I love their products, but I do not make any money by promoting them. It’s the best self tanner I’ve ever used and this is the exact routine I use to achieve my bronze. OKAY now that’s out of the way…you ready?! Lets dive in.

I like to self tan at least 2x per week generally on Sunday and Thursday night.  If I’m going on vacation or before a photo shoot I’ll do it 3x per week to get extra dark. I use NKD SKN Tinted Tan Mousse in shade Dark (side note- I just looked on Ulta & it’s buy one get one 50% off! Stock up babes!!) 

I always apply my tan at night after I’ve showered, shaved, and exfoliated my body completely. I use a wash cloth to scrub off any excess tan so that I have a nice clean slate to apply. If you don’t exfoliate before applying, your tan is going to look patchy so this step is crucial. DO NOT apply moisturizer or deodorant before you tan.

Once your skin is dry it’s time to rock & roll. I like to put the product into my tanning mitt, and then rub it all over just like you would a moisturizer. You’re able to see the deeper color on your skin so just make sure the product is rubbed in well and you don’t miss any spots *remember your armpits, or else it’s going to look discolored the next day* Since I’ve been tanning myself for far too long, I’ve become a master at getting my back BUT if you have a buddy around have them tan your upper back for you, makes life easier. I do 2 layers all over my body, then I brush my teeth and allow myself to dry completely. Once I’m dry I put on loose clothing- I prefer a long sleeve and long pants so the tan doesn’t stain my sheets.

First thing in the morning I rinse off my tan completely & WHALA! You’re a bronze goddess. Make sure you moisturize every time you get out of the shower for a couple days (this helps your tan last longer). I swear by the Brazilian Bum Bum Cream because the coconut scent overpowers any smell of the spray tan and it leaves your skin feeling so hydrated and smooth. I also swear by their Body Fragrance Mist because it makes you smell like an island queen, the combination of the two leaves you smelling fresh all day long. I use this combo in every season, and I get complements on my smell constantly. 

Tanning my face:

YES I use NKD SKN on my face & no it doesn’t make me break out! I have sensitive skin, yet I’ve never seen a problem nor do I feel like the product clogs my pores. If I know I’m tanning my face, I’ll use Tula exfoliating cream and then lather my face with hydrating day + night cream at least 2 hours before I tan so my skin is smooth and hydrated. Before applying the tan, I rinse my face off to remove any left over moisturizer. Then I take a damp beauty blender and apply my NKD SKN Mousse all over my face. Sidenote– make sure you don’t skip your hairline or the back of your neck and ears so it all blends in. I typically let my face dry as I apply my tan to the rest of my body, and then do one more layer on my face. Sleep in it (beware some may get on your pillow so make sure you put a towel over your pillow so you don’t stain) and wash it off first thing in the morning.

If my skin is already breaking out or feeling really dry I don’t tan my face. I’ll tan up to my neck and just make sure I use a foundation the next day that’s a little darker to blend my face and neck together. 


If I’m going to an event or on a date and wearing a short dress I love using body makeup on my legs (secret I learned from Olivia Culpo.) This body blur really enhances the tan color on your legs and has a nice little shimmer in it that leaves them looking airbrushed. I’ve never used it anywhere else on my body other than my legs, but I know girls who have used it all over their bodies and love it. My only suggestion is to play with it first, because I’ve found that if you sweat or get water on yourself the makeup will start to rub off and I wouldn’t want it to stain my clothes. But overall this is an AMAZING product, highly recommend.

There ya have it babes, all my secrets behind my bronze. If you have any tips or additional products I need to add to my routine please let me know! Hope this was helpful!



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