Holiday Gift Ideas

If you’re anything like me you leave all your Christmas shopping to the last possible minute. It’s a stressful habit and every year I tell myself it’s going to be different. Yet, I’m that crazy person running through the mall on December 24th. BUT NOT THIS YEAR. Why?! Cause I’m doing all my shopping online….

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22 lessons I’ve learned…

I feel like this last year absolutely flew by. Actually no, the last 3 years have flown by. It’s funny, cause growing up I figured that people in their 20’s had their lives completely together. Like suddenly you hit 21 and you’re this grown, sophisticated, mature adult sipping dirty martini’s on a Friday night. I…

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I’m not fine.

Most days I wake my butt up bright and early (5:20am to be exact) to exercise before work. Getting a good sweat in at pilates and kickboxing at the crack of dawn makes me feel more accomplished, motivated, and alert for the rest of the day. And let’s face it…I like to workout before my…

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