Holiday Gift Ideas

If you’re anything like me you leave all your Christmas shopping to the last possible minute. It’s a stressful habit and every year I tell myself it’s going to be different. Yet, I’m that crazy person running through the mall on December 24th. BUT NOT THIS YEAR. Why?! Cause I’m doing all my shopping online. Easy, quick and I can do it from the comfort of my couch with a glass of wine in hand… hallelujah 🙂

I figured I’d let you in on some of my Christmas fav’s, so you can be prepared with me. Plus I have some discount codes for you guys. Basically what I’m saying is that I’m posing as Santa for this post, you’re welcome. Let’s shop.


Nearly every woman I know has clothes on her Christmas list. I mean who doesn’t love increasing their wardrobe just in time for the new year 😉  One of my favorite online boutiques is Tobi. They constantly run insane deals and your first order is always 50% off. On Black Friday I decided to treat myself to a few goodies that I’ve been wearing nonstop. I had to start stocking up on sweaters since it’s finally starting to feel like winter in NYC! I decided to go with a lace up crop sweater, because I’m really loving Burgundy this season and love the back detail and bell sleeves. I also got myself some comfy lace-up joggers for my upcoming holiday travels cause I always need to be comfy on the plane. And lastly I got this adorable Bell Sleeve Blouse to pair with my new high-waisted bell bottom jeans, very 70’s but I’m into it. Of course I ordered more than just 3 things, but I’m happy to report the rest are gifts so I can’t spill just yet. After all it’s the season of giving, am I right?

JORD Watches:

Considering my nickname is Jord, I felt like it was only appropriate for me to align myself with this company. These luxury watches are solely made from wood, yes you read that right…wood. They’re beautifully made, and a unique gift for the holiday season. I ordered a watch from their “Frankie” series that’s made from Dark Sandalwood with a Smoke face. I liked it because it had a totally different look from anything I currently own, and it’s a nice dark color to wear this Winter. I didn’t need mine engraved considering my name is on the watch 😉 but they do offer engraving! Give a totally unique and unexpected gift this season. Click on this link, enter your email, and you’ll receive 25% off!

Leesa Mattress:

So this can either be a gift for yourself or someone else if you’re feeling super generous. A mattress can seem pricey in the beginning, but you have to remember that it lasts for YEARS. Plus, it’s a practical investment because it’s used daily. I ordered a Leesa Mattress for us and honestly think it’s one of the best “adult” decisions I’ve ever made. We avoided mattress stores, (the worst part of the buying process) ordered online and received our mattress in a compact box Bren could carry himself. We opened the box, unfolded the mattress, watched the foam expand, and within minutes we had ourselves our new favorite piece of furniture. Not only is it a gift for YOU, but Leesa donates one mattress for every 10 sold. They’ve partnered with the likes of Daymond John from Shark Tank, Michael Phelps, and others with a passion for social impact. I had the privilege of volunteering with the Leesa Team at a homeless shelter where they donated countless mattresses to people trying to rebuild their lives and was blown away by how generous they are. Check out Leesa, you’ll fall in love with them just like I have. Oh and use code JORDANWESSEL for $100 off your mattress 🙂


I like to send my girlfriends something special for the holidays. Something unique, small, and meaningful especially since we all live in separate states. My sorority sister, Emily, created this Tea company called Pollin8 and she has the cutest marketing ever, seriously she’s full of creative-tea (see what I did there). You can customize your own tea box on their website and include personal messages & pictures on your tea tags! Or choose from one of the many adorable themed boxes. On top of giving a totally unique & adorable gift, you’re supporting a small business while sipping delicious tea.

Etsy Shopping:

Now I love shopping on Etsy for one of a kind gifts. There’s tons of amazing, creative people selling their items for reasonable prices & once again you’re supporting small businesses. One of my favorite Etsy accounts is Oli Rose Designs. Their founder Olivia sent me a custom navy blue bandana with “JWess” written in cursive, and I’m obsessed with it. Super cute to wear around my neck or tie onto one of my bags! She has a variety of colors to choose from with the option to customize with your favorite saying or name! She also customizes tees and denim jackets. This is a perfect small, personalized gift for any young lady on your list!

NOMATIC Travel Bag:

You know that one person that’s always on the go? Always traveling, always planning, always doing something new? Well, they need NOMATIC. This travel bag has changed the way I travel. NOMATIC  raised over 3 million dollars on kickstarter because it is the most functional travel bag on the market. The pockets are endless, there’s so much storage that it allows you to travel smarter. My suitcase is always over 50 pounds, but now I hold all my heavy stuff & valuables in my NOMATIC which ends up saving me lots of money. Plus you can wear this bad boy as a backpack or hold like a duffle. Want to be organized in 2018? Then check out the NOMATIC planner! It has space to write down your daily goals, your to-do lists, and whiteboard paper, you’ll never want to go back to a traditional planner again. This item alone raised almost $400,000 on kickstarter. I’m a big fan of this company, and they’ve been running some amazing specials this holiday season! Check em out.

Mini Bar Delivery

The gift of alcohol is a beautiful thing that everyone enjoys. My mama taught me that whenever you go to a holiday party or visit friends, you can’t arrive empty handed (to me, that means I never show up without a bottle of something).  Whether you’re supplying your own get together, or going to a party go to Mini Bar Delivery & use my discount code: JWESS for $20 off your first delivery over $40.

Boyfriend/Husband gifts:

My boyfriend, Brendan, discovered two of the most amazing brands this year- Sweat Tailor and Rhone. He was sent these casual pants from Sweat Tailor that are literally sweats but you’d never be able to tell by the looks of it. He wears them nonstop because they’re his most comfortable pants, including all his sweats. Honestly, I’m a little jealous and hoping Sweat Tailor comes out with a women’s line soon…hint hint 😉  Use his code “Xmas20” for 20% off your entire order!

Bren has also always been a huge Lululemon guy, wearing since his high school days in Minnesota, (which I haven’t particularly been a fan of). Don’t get me wrong, I’m a sucker for Lulu but I don’t always love that we’re shopping at the same store as each other (ladies, let me know if you feel the same). While searching for premium Men’s activewear, we discovered Rhone. The company saw an opportunity to create premium, high-end menswear that was more innovative and durable than Nike, Under Armor and Lululemon. Whether your man needs clothes for work, lounging at home or for the gym, Rhone has a little bit of everything. The materials are comfortable, soft, and look masculine. My personal favorite is the Seacell Popover Hoodie. I guarantee this will become your mans new favorite store (and yours too).

If you can’t tell, Bren’s all about versatile clothing. Premium products he can wear casually, or dress up. If you’re trying to upgrade your man’s style with a great staple winter boot, look no further than J.Crew’s Leather Chelsea Boot. B sized 1/2 size up and loves wearing these on weekends in the city with their slip on/off ease, and can dress them up to wear to work on Wall Street. Pair them with this  Barbour Quilted, Waterproof Jacket which will keep him dry in the wet snow but more stylish than a North Face to wear both casually and dressed up- look at Bren’s last post to see how he styled this pairing & try not to drool 😉

There ya have it, my Christmas favorites! What are your favorite unique gifts this season?

Let me know below!
Happy Holidays 🙂








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