Feelin the (self) love

In our society it’s so rare to find people who genuinely love themselves. It’s much more common to be insecure than confident, which blows my mind. When you do see individuals who are expressive about their self-love they are often viewed as “cocky”, because we live in such a superficial world. We’re all addicted to…

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Vision Board Say Whaaaat?

On Monday I challenged you guys to switch up your mindset this upcoming week. I suggested creating a vision board, and I was surprised by how many of you didn’t know exactly what that is! Your vision is essentially the same thing as your goals. It’s where you see yourself in the future, whether that’s…

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Reality of Social Media

Social Media is incredible, but horribly deceiving at the same time. That’s one of the many reasons I started this blog because I think it’s about time we start getting real, and talk about how superficial social media is. It’s so common to spend hours surfing through Instagram stalking the lives of people we don’t…

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