Ultimate Detox

Remember how I said “I’m fully committed to figuring out how to get ahold of my symptoms.” Yeah, I wasn’t kidding. I’ve been through the ringer with doctors here in AZ. I’ve spent lots of time at the Mayo Clinic, gastroenterologists, crazy witch doctors…you name it, I’ve tried it. BUT about two months ago my mom found this incredible doctor who is somewhere in between naturopaths and western medicine. He put me through a whole bunch of bizarre testing, and I finally got some answers at my last follow up apt. My tests came back and proved how out of whack my body truly is right now, which honestly was such a relief seeing a probelm and working together to find a solution.

We came up with a master plan. Well, a 6 month plan to be exact.

SO for the first month of this healing process I’m doing a 30 day cleanse. This means absolutely no dairy, carbs, sugar, caffeine, processed crap. Which means no coffee and no wine….exhale.

I can choose from a limited list of 20 different veggies, any type of protein, and nuts. All real, natural, nutritious food. Which is kinda depressing around the holidays, BUT just means I need to start getting extra creative in the kitchen.

After the 30 days I can slowly begin reintroducing different food back into my diet to see if my stomach can remain calm. I’m two weeks in and I can notice a very slight change, but I have no doubt that it’s going to be an ongoing science experiment.

To think that I could potentially feel better in 6 months is SO fricken exciting to me. Cross your fingers people. That’s the update for now.

Anyone else done a cleanse like this before?



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  1. Great to hear you are getting answers and feel at least a slight change. Those you know have done a 3-10 day cleanse. For one relative, he’s incorporated it into his life periodically throughout the year. Your commitment to finding answers is inspiring. Thanks for sharing your journey.

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