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Makeup has become so complicated in the 21st century. With the pressures of mastering your contour and nailing your eyebrow arch, it’s safe to say makeup has become stressful for a lot of women. I’ve watched makeup tutorials for years, and most are filled with too many steps and way too many products. After attempting the looks on myself, they’ve never turned out quite right. At the end of the day, I just end up wasting money. I used to joke around with my girlfriends saying, “putting on makeup everyday is like a science experiment, I never know how it’ll turn out.”

Through pageantry I learned how to master my stage/shoot makeup by taking lessons from some of the most talented makeup artists in the business. But I was never taught how to do my everyday, “natural” makeup look that was quick & easy. I’ve been experimenting for years and finally nailed down a routine that takes just 10 minutes with amazing & inexpensive products. I figured I’d share these treasures with you lovely ladies to try on yourselves!



Nkd Skin Tan Mousse in shade Natural is my favorite self tanner, and I’ve tried LOTS. I apply it after I shower, and it dries so fast that I can hop into bed 10 minutes later (I have all white sheets). I also apply it on my face with a beauty blender and it doesn’t clog my pores or make me breakout.I keep it on all night and wash it off first thing in the morning. The color gets deeper the more times you use it, but I typically apply mine only 2x a week. My favorite part…IT DOESN’T SMELL. I can’t say enough good things about this product.


My all-time favorite product is It Cosmetics CC Cream. I apply it everyday, and it’s super lightweight but has really nice coverage. It’s hydrating and leaves you with a very youthful “dewy” look. Added bonus, it has SPF 50 in it. I apply with my hands, and blend with my beauty blender.

Whenever I’m looking for even more coverage, I mix my CC Cream with 1/2 a pump of Revlon’s Age Defying foundation- I fluctuate between Natural Beige and Honey Beige depending on how tan I am. It’s inexpensive and a little bit goes a long way. Great coverage, and super light overall. Mixing these two is my secret weapon.


I previously used NARS Concealer, and I felt like I would need to apply it twice before I was happy with the coverage. Tarte Conceler is the perfect solution because I only need a small amount and the coverage is perfect. I’ve had the same bottle since December, that’s how little you need to use. I apply a small amount of Laura Mercier’s setting powder and leave it on while I move on to my brows. This powder makes sure that my concealer doesn’t crease underneath my eyes.


For the longest time I used to over pluck my brows because I liked them super thin. I also didn’t start filling in my brows until I was 20…ooooops. When I started letting them grow I found that I have a naturally pretty thick brow, and once I got them shaped I looked like a new woman. I highly recommend getting your brows shaped, if you live in AZ go to the Fab Brow Bar, Ashley is the bomb. ANYWAYS- I use Anastasia Dipbrow for the outline and fill them in with Benefit. On days that I have super light makeup, I only use Benefit.


I like to get the most out of the products I buy, so I started using my Benefit Bronzer in the crease of my eye. It gives me subtle dimension and I use a Nude eyeliner on my waterline to give me a bright-eyed look. I finish my eyes with L’Oreal dual primer/mascara, and I’ve noticed a big difference in the fullness of my lashes since using this!

GrandeLash is my best kept secret, well until now it was lol. I put this on every night and I’ve noticed a dramatic difference in the length of my lashes. They went from sad little guys to almost touching my eyebrows in a month…this stuff really works, HIGHLY recommend.


I’m all about a super light contour so I use very little NYX Wonderstick liquid contour on my cheek bones. I blend it out and it creates a really subtle dimension that accentuates my cheek bones. If I want a darker contour I apply a little bit of Benefit bronzer on top on my NYX. I then use Laura Geller blush, and finish my look off with a gorgeous highlighter from Make Up For Ever. Highlight on fleeeeek.


My all time favorite lip color is Velvet Teddy by Mac & my favorite gloss is Super Natural by Revlon. I’m also a fan of Kiehl’s Butterstick Lip Treatment in Naturally Nude on days that my makeup is super light.

There you have it! Tell me your fav’s, I’m always looking to try new products!



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