The Surprise Trip of a Lifetime

Brendan officially deserves “boyfriend of the year” after pulling off this unbelievable surprise. I’m pretty tough to surprise because I’m so dang nosey and I’m also a huge planner while Bren typically likes to go with the flow. So the fact that Bren booked our flights, secured collaborations, and locked down a hotel while keeping me in the dark is pretty dang impressive. So if you’re nosey like me you’re probably wondering “how’d you find out?!”

He’d been acting suspicious for a few weeks, so I knew he was up to something. Every time I’d mention making plans for our anniversary he’d say it’s already been taken care of & change the subject. Honestly, I was betting he was taking me to a concert or to a broadway show, leaving the state never once crossed my mind especially because fashion week was coming up.

On Monday the 5th, Bren came home with a package and said I need to give you something and I’m too excited to wait. I opened a card from Beach Bunny…my favorite swimwear company, it said: “We can’t wait to see you rock these suits on your trip” I looked at Bren totally confused when he jumped on me saying we’re going to MIAMI! I sobbed. Not a cute glistening tear, a full on sob…it wasn’t pretty. lol. I was so genuinely shocked, and beyond excited to be going on vacation!

Friday morning we scored the front row on our flight. Being the talkative people we are, we became best friends with the sweetest woman, Mollie, sitting next to us. She ordered us cocktails to toast for our anniversary, and next thing I knew we were 3 cocktails deep laughing uncontrollably with the flight attendants. Once we landed we had everyone on the flight wish us a Happy Anniversary and the flight attendants gave us a complimentary BOTTLE of champagne. Talk about the BEST FLIGHT EVER.

When we arrived to our hotel, Eden Roc, I felt like I was in a dream. I walked into our room and immediately started crying again (as you can tell I’m quite emotional with surprises) but this room was unlike anywhere I’ve ever stayed. We had a gorgeous patio at the foot of the bed where we had the most incredible view of the ocean. Coming from a year in the concrete jungle, we needed to switch up our scenery & this tropical paradise did just the trick. We went straight down to the beach, sipped on cocktails, and let go of any stress we brought with us. I can’t remember the last time I was that relaxed. When it came time for dinner, I curled my beach hair with my Bombay Hair Wand, and put on a sexy little front tie crop top from Tobi and paired it with a black lace bra and high waisted white pants. We bar hopped, made friends with other guests, and passed out by midnight.

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Saturday morning we woke up to watch the sunrise. We walked down to the beach, and there wasn’t a soul around. Feeling the warm ocean breeze, hearing the calm waves, and cuddling up with Bren in the sand was my favorite part of our trip. It was magical. I wore my T.Christopher beach hoodie over my beautiful beach bunny suit. Bren and I had a mini photo shoot, and to my surprise Bren is becoming quite the photographer, and I’ve never felt so comfortable or confident in a bikini before.


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The rest of the day we sipped on coconut’s and our champagne (compliments of Southwest) right next to the ocean. After 6 hours I went back up to the room burnt to a crisp & happy as can be. I threw on my same high waisted white pants (outfit repeater I know) and a front tie polka dot crop top with Samantha Myer earrings. I’ve never felt more “Miami” than I did that night, I should’ve gone salsa dancing or something…maybe next time right Bren?IMG_5362

Sunday I decided to wear a sassy red dress from Tobi, with Samantha Myer earrings, and felt like the real life dancing emoji. Although the red exentuated my sunburn I sure loved this dress, and I got so many compliments while walking on the beach! We went to a different part of town to an unbelievable Italian restaurant where I got the most fantastic seafood pasta. My mouth is watering just thinking about it.


Monday was our 3 year anniversary, and it was nothing short of amazing. We woke up with the sun, had an amazing workout, and headed to a fabulous breakfast at Nobu. Our waiter spoilt us with mimosas and an anniversary dessert. We were treated like royalty, I can’t say enough amazing things about Eden Roc and the Nobu Hotel. We spent the rest of the day relaxing without a care in the world. I slipped on another Beach Bunny Bikini, played in the ocean for hours, and took a nice long nap on the beach. For Happy Hour Brendan took me to Hakkasaun inside the Fountain Blu Hotel where I had the best spicy margarita of my life. I decided to go all out for our anniversary night, so I wore a sexy black lace up cocktail dress, with a super low v neck from Tobi and it was quite the head turner.

IMG_6271  249ECD92-65F6-4BDF-9BAA-DB5C8AE76532IMG_4691

Brendan and I joked the entire trip that I have way more style in Miami than I do in NYC. I love putting cute outfits together when I have a tan and warm weather outside, whereas when it’s cold in NYC I want to wear baggy sweaters all day. Also my skin loved the humidity and my hair held my Bombay curl until I jumped into the ocean on our last day.

This is the first vacation I’ve been on where I felt truly depressed to leave. I didn’t want to leave the ocean view (if I could move into the Eden Roc hotel I would), the perfect weather, or the bottomless cocktails. It was the perfect getaway for Bren and I, and we’re already planning our next trip back. As I’m typing this it’s snowing outside in NY, and we’re debating whether our next move should be to Miami or Cali. What’s your vote?

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