Mini Bar Delivery

It’s no secret I love my wine. There’s nothing I look forward to more than a delicious glass of Cabernet at the end of a long day. When I lived in AZ it was easy to stock up on inexpensive, delicious wine from Trader Joes or head out to Happy Hour for a $4 glass of wine. When I moved to NYC it was no longer convenient for me to stock up on our favorite drinks. You’d be surprised how heavy a few bottles of wine and a six pack of beer become when you’re walking a few blocks home.

A neighbor recommended I try alcohol delivery, which is when I discovered Mini Bar Delivery. I could order any type of liquor I wanted all through their app. The prices are the same as if you were shopping in person, adding just a small delivery fee. Basically Mini Bar is the Uber for alcohol delivery, I’m all about it.

Mini Bar has saved the day on many occasions, and helped me become the perfect host even on short notice. I threw a surprise party for Brendan in November, and used Mini Bar to deliver a ton of alcohol. Within 30 minutes I had beer, wine, rum, and tequila knocking on my door. This weekend Bren and I decided to hibernate in our apartment since there’s below freezing temps outside (picture me with fuzzy socks and a blanket over my head as I type this). Our stash was running low so I opened my mini bar app to deliver bottles, yes bottles of wine for me and Vodka for Bren-he’s been loving Moscow mules since the holidays.

I was fascinated by their concept so I did a little research and discovered this brilliant company was founded by all females in NYC…talk about my kind of boss babes. Lucky for all you classy ladies, they’re expanding like crazy. Download the app & see if they are delivering in your city.

Better yet, enjoy $20 of your first order of $40 or more using code: JWESS because who doesn’t love free drinks?





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