“The charisma of Jordan Wessel will draw you in, her winning smile will engage you, and her professionalism will give you the utmost confidence this young woman will deliver on every promise, both professionally and personally. It’s a sought-after combination—and one Jordan has carefully cultivated and continues to nurture.” -Infinite Clothing Spotlight

Jordan caught the public’s eye after her inspiring transformation into a bikini fitness competitor in 2013, which then quickly lead to the start of her modeling career. Shortly after, she competed in her first beauty pageant and claimed the prestigious title of Miss Arizona USA 2014.

Jordan has traveled across the country modeling for a wide variety of companies. However, she found her passion for media while hosting multiple national events throughout her reign. She was featured on Axs.tv as the host on the red carpet for the American County Music Awards as well as the American Country Awards. Her natural ability to connect and form a relationship with everyone she meets makes her a unique upcoming talent in the industry. Her genuine and fun loving personality combined with her poised and articulate speaking ability makes her the perfect host no matter the situation. 

She has been featured on Yahoo! News, People Magazine, Marie Claire Magazine, Inside Edition, E! News, and more.

After the conclusion of her reign, Jordan returned to school to obtain her Business degree. Currently in her role as a Brand and Marketing Manager, Jordan has seen the tremendous impact social media has had on society, especially on young women. She noticed there is a key characteristic missing with all of the social media models and bloggers…relatability. That’s why she decided to launch her own blog.

On this blog, Jordan will open up about her positive and negative experiences working in the entertainment industry, while highlighting the importance of self-love and confidence. Jordan’s mission is to inspire others to focus on their inner beauty just as much as their outward beauty; and to understand their own self worth, before turning to society for validation.